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Review of the Bet365 Casino

Bet365 - Play with the Trusted Online Casino

Bet365 is a site which is impressive for its sheer quantity of content and ability to cater toward all audiences better than perhaps any other online casino. With a large amount of solid and attractive games and a deep card play system the website represents a good choice for users looking for either quick or more involved gambling fun.

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The Findabet Summary on Bet365 Casino

The games offered are standard casino fare but no field of play has been neglected in the process of filling out another. All of the options have been developed well and the software (provided by Playtech Ltd.) is sound, ensuring that gaming is never rocky. The website allows its users to download the full casino to their computer in order to experience the variety of blackjack, roulettes, slots, poker and more without having to load each game individually on the internet. Bet365 allows for free play in a manner that may ultimately encourage a bigger fan base of casual gamblers over time but has not let bonuses and loyalty incentives fall to the wayside.

The progressive jackpots which online gamblers expect to find at every virtual casino are, of course, present at Bet365 and the running totals are displayed in British pounds in a column placed on the right side of the homepage. While many other segments of the site appear more scattered, the casino has at least locked down convenience for players wanting quick reference of the big jackpots. Bet365 Casino offers one of the best sign-up bonuses around as well, providing a 100% match (up to £100) for new members. The ‘comp point’ system is also a solid feature and is essentially the equivalent of VIP loyalty points found elsewhere; Bet365 offers differing amounts of comp points depending on the chosen game and size of wager with every 100 of these converted to £1. It’s a simple incentive but one that gives players reason to return to the site instead of choosing another. Along with these features, Bet365 Casino maintains a healthy list of ongoing promotions and tournaments. Free chips for select users are given out on Monday mornings and the requisite affiliate rewards are present as well.

One of the major drawbacks of the site is itself an aspect of one of its greatest strengths – the large content is impressive and allows for untold hours of enjoyment but it is also presented in a somewhat imposing fashion. Bet365 could benefit enormously from increased attention toward layout and easier navigation. While the site is not seriously flawed in this sense it is still a valid criticism in light of the service’s place within a competitive (and ever growing market) where so many other online casinos offer similar quantity of play with a much more organized feel.

In the end, Bet365 is a good choice for serious or casual gamblers. The site offers comprehensive, international support and a good selection of currency options along with a secure system, meaning that with continued attention it will only continue to maintain its presence as one of the premier online casinos. Although some of the website layout may at first appear intimidating, players willing to download and spend a bit of time finding their way around will discover that Bet365 Casino has a lot of fun to be had and enough variety that even the most dedicated gamblers will have their attention held for some time to come.

Latest Offers from Bet365 Casino