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Handling a Large Poker Chip Stack

It’s not exactly the worst situation at the poker table when you’ve found yourself with a large chip stack but it’s worth knowing a few tips about the best way to use this to your advantage.

Knowing how to handle a
large chip stack depends greatly on your goal in a game. If you’re sitting at a tournament then it’s likely that you’re either out for the biggest possible financial reward or the bragging rights and notoriety of taking first place.

If you’re attempting to do nothing more than come out on top then a
large chip stack is best viewed as a tool for taking others down through sheer attrition. A large chip stack can allow for even mediocre hands to stretch their worth much further as it allows you to act much more aggressively on tough bets and showdowns. Pure bluffing or semi-bluffing poorer players also becomes strategically viable if you don’t mind throwing chips away at intimidating others into backing away from a hand.

The opposite attitude should be utilized if you’ve achieved a large chip stack and merely wish to increase it before leaving the table. Cautious playing will allow your chips to stay firmly in hand while your nurture your payout to its largest possible size.

Remember that keeping your chips high can always act as a safety net to cover for even the worst situations and will go a long way toward winning a game and avoiding common pitfalls such as increasingly large blinds or bad beats.