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Preparing For a HORSE Tournament: Part One

HORSE tournaments can be a great way to improve your overall ability in poker through its demanding play and requirement of multi-style aptitude. While many are put off by the different styles the tournament goes through, those enticed by the constant game changes owe it to themselves to learn the basics of the popular tournament format.

The first step for learning how to become a contender in HORSE involves knowing what the tournament itself constitutes. HORSE is an acronym that stands for the different styles that make up the game play. Here is a brief note on each one.

Hold ‘Em is a style well known by poker players and should be familiar to any fan of the game. These articles will assume a basic knowledge of Hold ‘Em rules and play.

Omaha is another form of poker that is quickly growing in popularity. Proper HORSE tournaments offer the Hi-Lo Omaha style.

Razz is the first of the three final stages of Stud play and is the only part of HORSE that is sometimes knocked out of the proceedings (players may be familiar with HOSE games where Razz is removed).

Seven-card Stud High is a return to the formerly popular style of poker and makes up the second-last stage of play.

Seven-card Stud Hi-Lo (Eight or better) is the last stage of a HORSE tournament and is a variation of the rules set by the previous round.

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