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Basics Tips for Poker Ring-Game Play

Poker ring-games are a great way to experience the biggest thrills of poker. Since regular tournaments use your buy-in as chips they inevitably lose some of the adrenaline-pumping side effects of ring-game pots and the different style of play which naturally goes along with it. If you’re just getting into ring-games there are a few important tips worth looking at.

Always enter a ring-game with the appropriate bankroll. If you’re too strapped to be able to properly play this type of tournament then it’s much better to just buy-in to a tournament or wait for a good freeroll. Playing scared in a ring-game is a recipe for disaster. Decisions must be made with the bigger picture in mind; not based on whether you’ll be able to pay rent or not.

Watch out for the
poker sharks too. As a natural aspect of the above point, many of the most unsavory poker players will show up in ring-games hoping to easily add to their bankroll by picking off weaker players. Carefully study your opponents and always be on the guard for this type of competition.

It’s essential to be patient in a
poker ring-game as the games often boil down to bankroll size to a much larger degree than tournament play. Acting cautiously and only making big moves when the odds are in your favour is important toward achieving any level of success within ring-games.