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When to Give Up on a Good Poker Starting Hand

One of the hardest aspects of poker strategy to get a handle on comes from knowing when to give up on a good starting hand. Obviously, in a game where luck can play a big roll in starting odds, it can be extremely difficult to let go of something good once it has come up. Just the same, it’s important to have the discipline necessary to look at the big picture so you can make sacrifices when necessary.

Concentrating too much on your own cards usually provides the reason for the aforementioned issue. If you have a better grasp of the entire table then it becomes much easier to fold a good hand and place your cards within the broader picture of the game on a whole.

Not using the river as perspective is another big problem. Even if you have pocket black aces, this hand isn’t necessarily going to hold up if the river doesn’t accommodate your cards. Good players with a solid pocket will fold when they know there is a decent chance that other players may be able to beat them based on the board.

If your opponent is reading you well your card quality doesn’t matter much either. In these situations it’s best to fold rather than being taken down by someone who has obviously gotten one up on you psychologically. These situations are probably the trickiest to determine and act upon but they’re definitely worth knowing about and keeping in mind.