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Basic Omaha Strategy: The Starting Hand

Much of your success in Omaha Poker comes from your starting hand just as in Texas Hold ‘Em. Knowing when to fold and when to play is as important here as it is in any other style of poker playing and is worth the time to learn.

Simply because of the fact that Omaha provides players with four pocket cards, the strength of your own deal is far more important in this style than in Hold ‘Em. Cards need to work very well together and contain a lot of flop potential to warrant entering into betting. Position is also extremely significant in Omaha just as it is in Hold ‘Em so this factor must be taken into account before entering a round.

If you’ve received middle cards (7s through 10s essentially) then you must have strong accompaniment to rationalize playing them. A pair of 8s, say, is worth holding on to but just one 10 is not usually strong enough to take into flop play in Omaha. Players must be much more ruthless with these ‘middle’ cards in Omaha. Aside from this, pretty much the same pre-flop worth remains the same in this style. The basic rule to keep in mind is just toward being stricter with your hand worth overall. Only enter into betting with a pocket that is stronger than the typical hands you’d use in Hold ‘Em.

Introduction to Omaha Poker

Although Draw and Stud styles of poker may be quickly falling out of vogue, anyone who frequents online poker rooms will be familiar with the option to play Omaha. Although it’s not quite as popular as Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha is still a fun and exciting form of poker worth taking the time to learn.

The fundamental difference between Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha comes from the pocket which holds four cards in the latter style, a change which makes strategy more of a game of math than odds. Players are dealt four pocket cards during the first round then betting begins to take place between each subsequent deal. A three card flop is dealt and then a turn card is placed before the final card makes the river. Omaha competitors use two of their four pocket cards to match three of the five flop cards in an attempt toward making the best five card combination possible.

One of the best aspects of Omaha is the high level of fish that play online. If you’ve taken the time to get familiar with the fundamentals of the style then you’ll probably enjoy a great deal of success playing Omaha at your site of choice.

Self-Management and Poker Success

One of the most important aspects of a poker game is self-control. We’ve all experienced times when our buy-in runs out and the first instinct is to cash in again but more often than not this hurts your overall success. There are obviously more topics within this one heading than can be explored here but a few aspects of psychological control are important to note.

A lot of players will refer to a downswing as an equivalent to a bad beat but there is a crucial difference. A downswing just means you’ve made poor decisions and luck probably isn’t going to change anything whereas a bad beat is actual chance gone wrong. Knowing the difference is crucial.

Keeping a cool head during bad beats is essential. It’s obviously the first reaction to get into a bad mood but taking risks and acting irrationally is the exact opposite of what should be done during a rough patch.

Patience is what makes a lot of professional poker players excel and should be the biggest psychological goal. Skill can go a long way but you have to be able to think rationally and play like you have all the time in the world to win.

Knowing What the Flop Holds

A basic aspect of poker is being able to accurately assess what kind of game you can play based on the flop. By breaking your initial cards down into a few different categories it can become easy to see how you should act for the rest of the hand.

A near perfect flop can be comprised of three or two pairs. Three is obviously impossible to improve and two is a good start to bet on as the game goes forward.

Unfinished hands are those which need a bit of work to be worth playing. Two hearts in the flop can be considered one of these hands because the river or turn may end up providing two more of the same suit.

Worthless flops are ones where essentially no level of success is going to come. A two and a four off-suit may be able to net you a bluff but in the case of a showdown this flop isn’t very likely to improve and should be folded.

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