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Looking at the Blindstealing Poker Maneuver

Coming out on top in poker often requires some fairly nasty maneuvers. One of the best (and most profitable) of these is a strategy commonly referred to as a blindstealing play. Here are some basic details on how to pull off the steps necessary for a blindsteal.

Blindstealing involves a late position player’s ability to capitalize on a competitor’s need to post blinds and is especially effective later in a game when blinds becoming increasingly expensive. The idea is simple: blindstealing involves playing on the diminished capital of an opponent who has already been forced to invest chips in a hand through posting a blind.

The hand should be raised even before the flop and can still be performed with relatively weak cards. Blind posting competitors will be more likely to fold due to the inherent pressure created by already having been made to spend money, creating a situation where it’s possible to extract a bit of their bankroll before they back off from not wanting to lose even more money in a single round.

It’s fairly apparent but still worth noting that performing a blindsteal play is a poor idea early in a game when blinds are still inexpensive enough not to make a significant difference in a competitor’s actions. If the blinds aren’t large enough to create the appropriate level of pressure then the maneuver won’t be effective.

blindsteals maneuver may be ruthless but it’s also an intelligent method of knocking out (even temporarily) weak competition while gaining a few extra chips for your bankroll.

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