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Introduction to Multi-Tabling in Poker

A lot of players just don’t get enough out of having one game on the go at a time and, luckily enough, online poker often presents the option of enjoying the action on several tables at once. Multi-tabling isn’t for everyone however and a brief introduction to its ins and outs is necessary for those who haven’t attempted it yet.

The most prevalent positive aspect of multi-table play is also the most commonly cited negative part as well. Most players get into multi-tabling simply because they want more hands to occur at all times. For poker enthusiasts who are able to split their attention between a few different games, multi-tabling offers perhaps the most exciting feature in online play.

If you know you don’t have the concentration or ability to constantly review more than one game at a time, multi-tabling is a bad decision however. Even some of the most skilled professionals will not engage in the practice simply because it forces a player to miss little things. When you’re playing only one table it naturally forces you to study all the nuances of your competitors whereas playing over a few games makes every decision more of an instinct.

Ultimately every player has to decide whether multi-tabling is good or bad for their own particular style. It’s certainly worth a shot for the experience alone but the pressure and fast pace make it a practice in which only those suited for the style are able to succeed in. More in-depth tips regarding multi-table play will be discussed in future articles.