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Basic Omaha Strategy: The Starting Hand

Much of your success in Omaha Poker comes from your starting hand just as in Texas Hold ‘Em. Knowing when to fold and when to play is as important here as it is in any other style of poker playing and is worth the time to learn.

Simply because of the fact that Omaha provides players with four pocket cards, the strength of your own deal is far more important in this style than in Hold ‘Em. Cards need to work very well together and contain a lot of flop potential to warrant entering into betting. Position is also extremely significant in Omaha just as it is in Hold ‘Em so this factor must be taken into account before entering a round.

If you’ve received middle cards (7s through 10s essentially) then you must have strong accompaniment to rationalize playing them. A pair of 8s, say, is worth holding on to but just one 10 is not usually strong enough to take into flop play in Omaha. Players must be much more ruthless with these ‘middle’ cards in Omaha. Aside from this, pretty much the same pre-flop worth remains the same in this style. The basic rule to keep in mind is just toward being stricter with your hand worth overall. Only enter into betting with a pocket that is stronger than the typical hands you’d use in Hold ‘Em.