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The Art of Discipline in Poker

Every quality poker player knows that there is a lot to be gained from restraint in the typical game. Discipline is an aspect of worthwhile poker play that is incredibly important and unfortunately, rather difficult to teach. Just the same, there are a few basic tips which can be provided to help players in learning how to restrain themselves.

Remembering your past mistakes is of paramount importance toward learning proper discipline and should be kept in mind after every loss. Reading bad beat stories can be a quicker (and less costly) way to learn what to avoid and how to cultivate proper restraint through other player’s recorded mistakes.

Discipline must also be exercised in game selection. Even if bigger tournaments or buy-ins appeal to you remember that choosing the level which suits your bankroll and ability will always have a positive return on your overall success. Shooting outside of your range will more likely provide you with a bad beat of your own rather than any sort of financial return.

Last of the tips to remember is knowing when to fold a bad hand or backing out of a round after the flop. Although it’s easier said than done in many cases try to remember what you’ve learned from poor game selection and over-ambition. It’ll always provide you with more success in the long run.