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Fielding Poker Opponent Hand Ranges

Being able to predict your opponent’s possible hands is an integral part of playing successful poker games but it can be a tricky area of strategy to master. Through the use of hand ranges it becomes easier to form a general estimation of what your competitors may have and, subsequently, the kind of risks that are worth taking.

There are many factors to consider when determining the possible range of your opponents hand. Some of these boil down to common sense and involve a grasp on the
average poker hand. Most players will find themselves with a mid-range pocket fairly often and it is thus best to assume that your opponent possesses something similar. Watching the flop may go a long way toward forming an educated guess toward hands as well. Face cards should be watched for and counted so that a proper estimation can be deduced and taken into mind before deciding to push or fold.

As blinds grow in size in the late stages of a game it becomes increasingly important to be able to gauge the possible cards in your opponent’s hand. Other factors will play a bigger role in determining your initial betting at this time but unclear estimations should be avoided during this stage. Experience and a bit of careful consideration will always boil down to the best plan of action however. Knowing your odds and keeping vigilant watch over flops and mucks can add up to a lot of success if properly considered.