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Preparing for a HORSE Tournament: Part Three

This is the third of a three part series on Preparing for a HORSE Tournament. The first part of this can be found here and the second part of this can be found here

There are a few basic strategies worth noting before putting money down on a cash HORSE tournament. Although players who specialize in HORSE games will be able to find a wealth of in-depth tutorials and tips, here are a few of the most important aspects to note.

Remember that HORSE is, at its core, a tournament like any other and that the basic rules of endurance and selective aggression remain as true here as any other long series. Memorize the best starting hands for each style of play and only act aggressively when you have a statistically sound backing for putting down any substantial amount of chips. Good HORSE players don’t contribute to a pot unless they know they can succeed in a given hand.

Bet and raise when you have the chance, just as you would in a fixed-style tournament. It’s important to seize any opportunity to eliminate your competition during every hand you receive worth playing.

Watch out for the Razz section. Razz almost always proves to be the fifth of a HORSE tournament where players simply flounder and make easy targets out of themselves. Consider it a welcome halfway point and take advantage of the weakest players quickly in order to up your bankroll. This is the proper time in the game to identify competitors comfortable with Stud games and learn their quirks before getting into the two final rounds of play.

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