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Preparing for a HORSE Tournament: Part Two

This is the second of a three part series on Preparing for a HORSE Tournament. The first part of this can be found here.

Now that we’ve established which poker styles make up a HORSE tournament it’s time to look into basic outlines of the series itself and how to succeed in it.

HORSE is always offered as a fixed-limit game (although some sites may offer pot-limit or no-limit mixed-style series that stray a little from the traditional HORSE format) with a rotation of the five aforementioned poker styles. Knowing how to approach a rotation tournament is essential for succeeding in HORSE.

Make your most aggressive moves during the games that include blinds — the first two styles (Hold ‘Em and Omaha) can help to knock down weaker players while increasing your bankroll going into the Stud section of HORSE. Betting and raising during the first two rounds (with appropriate cards) can be the key toward making this work. It’s often a good plan to consider the preliminary pair of games as a proving ground and a solid opportunity for eliminating the less qualified competitors.

Practice each one of the HORSE styles and concentrate on those formats that you’re least experienced in. Making money in low-stakes HORSE tournaments is often as easy as picking off the weaker players during Razz or Hi-Lo Stud but insufficient practice in these less popular games can make you the victim of a well-rounded competitor. Without proper knowledge of each style it will not matter how good you are at any one or two of the other games so it’s definitely worth the time to practice on low-stakes or virtual chip tables before entering a HORSE tournament.

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