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The Importance of Pot Size in Poker

Pot size can (or should) have a large impact on how you approach different types of games. Whether playing a smaller or larger pot, varying strategies must be applied in order to achieve success.

Good players should usually shoot for smaller pots. If you have a fairly substantial bankroll then your chances of succeeding in a small pot poker game becomes much higher. Most often, the players who enter into these ranges of games aren’t approaching the table with a huge stack of chips. This means that a solid poker player has a good chance of knocking out their competitors through a combination of skill and a fairly large bankroll.

Big pots are much harder to pull off well for the majority of players. Having so many chips at the table can turn larger pot games into a veritable war of attrition where much more is at stake. In many fixed limit tournaments players do the best because they pick and choose which games to enter based on their bankroll and the pot size of matches. If you are able to relate your situation to the importance of pot size then it’s far more likely to find success on the whole.