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Making the Move from Online to Brick and Mortar Play

One of the most difficult processes that professional poker players can carry out is in switching from online to real world, brick and mortar play. There are a few tips which can help facilitate the change however and they’re worth looking at here.

The first thing to consider is the considerable speed of
online play, compared to the traditional movement of a physical game. Online players must be able to adjust their levels of patience and slow their decision making down when learning to play offline more often.

The next most important factor is probably visibility. Online
poker pros quickly become adept at bluffing and maneuvering around games without having to worry about visual tics and tells but this pretty much gets thrown out the window at face-to-face games. Knowing how to control yourself while reading others is an essential skill to learn.

Seat selection is the last aspect of play to consider here. Online poker games almost never let players pick their own seat but in
casino and hall tables people get up and sit down fairly often. Picking your own position is a luxury worth taking advantage of for players wanting to get every possible advantage out of a game.