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Dealing with the Poker Luck Factor

Although it may seem a bit anti-strategy to even mention the word ‘luck’ in a poker tip, the (fairly non-mathematic) reading of consequences involving good or bad situations can be important to note. Here are a few points regarding the ‘luck factor’ in a game of poker.

Short-term luck is the most predominant experience of the phenomenon likely to occur. Even when enjoying an upswing in your fortunes, remember that no player is statistically able to ride good circumstances all the way to steady success. Short-term luck should be taken as one small part of an overall strategy for your game and certainly not the only factor you have to rely upon.

While experiencing the opposite experience it’s important to remember that bad luck can’t hold out any longer than good. Although it can be incredibly discouraging to get knocked down from a good hand by unforeseen circumstances, this kind of bad beat must always be anticipated. Never put yourself into a situation where bad luck can take you right off your path and always remember that the luck factor is the most unreliable aspect of poker.

Good or bad luck is one part of the game that cannot be taken as a constant but is better understood through a careful reading of odds and outs. Although this may seem much more romantic than some views regarding poker playing, counting too much on the
luck factor is always dangerous ground for serious competitors.