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Understanding Poker Side Pots

Understanding Poker Side Pots

Side pots are a poker phenomenon that a lot of players are bound to run into as they compete across different styles of events. Here are a few introductory tips to help you understand side pots and their impact on your game.

You’ll notice side pots on tables where there are two separate piles of chips set up. One is the regular pot that is most commonly seen in games and the other is the focus of our article. The side pot comes into play as some players go all-in while others still continue to bet with larger numbers of chips. Once this has occurred, a side pot is created through player contribution and it becomes an addition to the main pot up for offer.

The all-in player will only be able to compete for the side pot created to cover their bet but all others are able to vie for the extra prize. As many side pots as are necessary will be created throughout the game and they are awarded in the reverse order from which they were created.

These situations will also crop up quite commonly during longer games and physical play. If you’re running the game yourself remember to keep the golden rule of side pots in mind; ensuring that everyone contributes equally to the pot and it should all work out properly.