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The Basics of Poker Slowplay

Learning how to properly execute a slowplay is an important skill for poker players to pick up and use in their game. The idea behind the move basically falls within the realm of bluffing and can be taken advantage of both on and offline.

A slowplay involves hiding a strong hand during the betting rounds. It is used to fool other players into situations where they can be manipulated and thus controlled into all sorts of behavior, from raising to folding. A successful slowplay can be used to gauge other player’s reactions and also force weaker opponents out of the game if so desired.

Slowplays are best used on the flop when your opponents will believe that you’ve been dealt a bad hand and appear to be doing nothing more than a pure bluff. They become less effective with every subsequent deal however and should obviously not be used on the river (when the whole idea becomes pretty well moot).

If used sparingly and wisely slowplays can make all the difference in a game of poker. They can result in bigger pots, controlled opponents and winning rounds. For all these reasons it’s worth incorporating the odd slowplay into your tactical base.