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A Handful of Poker Tells: Part Four of Four

This is the fourth part of a four part mini series on Poker Tells. The first part can be found here. The second part can be found here.The third part can be found here.

Our last look at tells is focused on picking up on deliberate poker tells that can be found through the actions of a player who is bluffing on weak hands. While players with weak hands attempt to stay under the radar and keep the pot as low as possible they may exhibit certain behaviour that can be turned to your advantage.

Staring is one of the easiest giveaways you can hope to find in a bluffing situation. An opponent who attempts intimidation through a persistent stare is most likely trying to unnerve you or others and actually holds a weak set of cards.

Threatening with poker chips is another deliberate tell that can greatly help in informing your decisions. A competitor that reaches to place his or her poker chips during an opponent’s turn is most likely making an intimidation attempt and is bluffing with a weak hand. The same is true for a competitor who rushes the last moments of their competitor’s turn in an attempt to force their action or make a premature claim of the pot (a move that tries to show that they are just acting slightly ahead of their “inevitable” win).

Inexperienced poker players will be the safest bet for waging any serious money within these situations. It may not be wise to risk too much of your bankroll on bluffing tells unless you’re quite sure that what you’re noticing is clear enough to place money on. Remember the importance of caution in trying to exert pressure on a bluffing player.

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