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A Handful of Poker Tells: Part Three of Four

This is the third part of a four part mini series on Poker Tells. The first part can be found here. The second part can be found here.

Now that we’ve looked at a number of typical signs of unconscious poker tells its worth getting into deliberate poker tells and what they can tell you about your opponent’s hand.

Deliberate poker tells are those behaviours that a poker player puts on consciously in an effort to conceal their true expressions and attitude toward a given situation. Although they can be more difficult to spot than unconscious tells, a keen eye and the ability to pick up on uncharacteristic displays can help a great deal in spotting their presence in a competitor.

One of the easiest deliberate poker tells to spot is when a player is feigning weakness to hide a strong hand. Exaggerated sighs or persistent brooding throughout a hand will usually be the easiest way to pick up on someone attempting this. It is most easily spotted when you notice large pauses between calling or betting action as this is something that is meant to simulate indecision about playing the hand. Competitors with strong cards will exhibit tells that are meant to sweeten the pot as much as possible so it’s important to always be on the look-out for them in order to hang onto your chips.

Weak poker hands and pure bluffs are much harder to spot and are thus a lot riskier to pull off. The next article will detail how to pick up on deliberate tells in this type of situation.

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