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A Handful of Poker Tells: Part Two of Four

This is the second part of a four part mini series on Poker Tells. The first part can be found here.

In the first half of our look at poker tells we examined a handful of unconscious tells and what they can reveal about your opponents hand. Here we will examine a few more in order to provide you with a better list of tells to watch out for.

The calling-reflex is one of the major patterns to try to spot. A competitor who is obviously attempting to remain calm and inconspicuous is usually bluffing and if their body/facial language doesn’t betray them then watch for any tics when they’re calling a bet.

Card watching can tell a good player a lot about their opponent as well. If a competitor glances quickly at their pocket and then puts it down right after every newly deal it’s quite likely that they’re holding a strong set of cards. Frequent glancing after every development on the river is a sure sign of an incomplete hand. In the same vein, a player who is protecting their cards from view without frequent reference usually means a strong pocket is present.

Chip placement is also a great place to pick up a few hints about your opponents. If they try to conceal any emotion while placing their bets then it’s likely that they’re trying to hide any emotion and probably have a good hand. Over-exaggerated behaviour usually means the opposite and is meant to hide the existence of a weak hand.

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