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Knowing What the Flop Holds

A basic aspect of poker is being able to accurately assess what kind of game you can play based on the flop. By breaking your initial cards down into a few different categories it can become easy to see how you should act for the rest of the hand.

A near perfect flop can be comprised of three or two pairs. Three is obviously impossible to improve and two is a good start to bet on as the game goes forward.

Unfinished hands are those which need a bit of work to be worth playing. Two hearts in the flop can be considered one of these hands because the river or turn may end up providing two more of the same suit.

Worthless flops are ones where essentially no level of success is going to come. A two and a four off-suit may be able to net you a bluff but in the case of a showdown this flop isn’t very likely to improve and should be folded.