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Basic Tips for Poker Tournament Play

Tournament play is where many of the best poker players go to cut their teeth and start into earnest attempts at fame and (sometimes relative) fortune. It can be a bit difficult to move from the simpler realm of sit-and-goes to meatier, often more difficult tournament play however. Here are a few tips to get you started on your way.

Pick the appropriate event for your skill level and experience. Before you jump right into the first tournament that catches your eye it’s a good idea to monitor the options for a few days (or weeks depending on which site/venue you frequent) and gauge what’s ahead. Look for the style of game you’re most comfortable in and, especially when just starting out, the buy-in you can afford to take out of your bankroll.

Remember that
Poker Tournaments are essentially a war of attrition once you’re actually sitting down at one. Once you’ve entered the game it’s a good idea to play safe and try to spot the weaker players so you can get to work on wearing them down. When play becomes more challenging, try to stick to more conservative betting while unsure of competitor patterns and always keep the value of your bankroll (relative to the rest of the table) in mind.

Practice often on freeroll games as well. We’ve covered the different approaches to entering freerolls before and discussed the high percentage of gamblers who head for these games as a way of practicing before tournaments. As a result of this there will plenty of great opportunities to come up against serious opponents in freerolls while minimizing your risk through the no-cost play.