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Basic Strategy in Razz Poker

Razz poker is undoubtedly unique for players familiar with the usual goal of achieving high value cards in order to succeed. After figuring out the basic flow and objectives of the style there are still other important aspects of the game to keep in mind. Here are a few of them.

Quality starting hands in
Razz poker are important to learn and remember so you know when to play and when to fold or take it easy on betting. Luckily they’re fairly easy to recognize and memorize in Razz. Base the starting hands you enter the pot with on their low value and try to push away your urge to fold on a traditionally “bad” deal.

Look for and remember the importance of “dead” cards that you are dealt or see at the table. While other games focus on using “live” cards (those that typically improve your chances at a win such as face cards), ignore your instinct to flop on low cards. Dead cards are good to receive and important to note in a
Razz poker game.

Be vigilant with watching the entire table and the visible cards. Quality stud players are always monitoring the other cards on the table and are able to gauge their own actions based on the information available from their competitor’s up cards.

Many of the same strategies that lead to successful stud games can also be applied to similar effect with Razz. Perhaps the most significant aspect of solid
Razz poker play is based on memorization and comfort however, so it’s well worth playing many practice games before staking anything substantial in a game of this style.