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Looking at the Rules of Razz Poker

After becoming comfortable with the goal and ideal hands of
Razz poker it’s important to understand the rules and table action of the game.

Razz poker functions in a similar fashion to other stud games. Each player must post the ante before they are dealt three cards, one face up and two faces down (hole cards). The first betting round is carried out at this point. The dealer then continues to carry out this process in the usual, clockwise fashion common in other poker styles. Betting action occurs after every new card is provided by the dealer based on new information revealed by visible cards and player action.

After the seventh card is dealt each player still in the game will have three hole cards along with four cards that are face up for competitors to see. The final stage of play is carried out with a final chance at betting and raising based on psychological didactics and visible cards (as in other forms of stud) before the faces are revealed and the winner determined.

Players do not get to see any common cards and each of the competitors can make use of the best five out of their seven cards to make their final hand. Determining the best strategy to successfully reach this stage is, obviously, quite significant and will form the focus of our final article on Razz poker basics.

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