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Choosing Between Successive or Sets of Poker Sit and Goes

Poker Sit and Go tournaments can be a great way to keep active while working on increasing your Poker bankroll. One of the biggest questions for frequent SNG players concerns the decision on whether or not to play successive or sets of tournaments. Here are a few tips to help you decide for yourself.

If you’re the type of
poker player who works best in a busy environment then successive SNGs may be the best option for your style. Successive SNGs involve beginning multiple events and immediately opening a new game as soon as any of the active ones are finished. They demand a constant level of attention and a competitor who is able to adjust from late to early game strategies at all times.
Sets of games are better for players who require concentration on one series at a time. They’re easier in a certain sense, in that they demand a style of play which is akin to a sprint when compared to the marathon of successive gaming. Sets also allow for the ability to gauge a series of SNGs as a whole, providing ample time to review your previous play and bankroll status before moving into further tournaments.

It’s important to remain flexible with your preferred method of play. If you’re determined to play successively then a smart player will still know to let a game close if they’re having an off day or bleeding chips in some of their open
SNGs. The decision is personal and depends heavily on circumstance but novice to average players would do well to stick with SNG sets. More advanced skill levels may fare well in successive SNGs but preference and playing style should still be taken into consideration.

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