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The History of Slots

The History and Origins of Slots within Casinos

Slot machines are a mainstay of the modern Casino because of their easy use and wide range of wagers from very small to higher bets. Their history is relatively recent in comparison to many Casino games by effect of their relatively sophisticated use of technology but their immense popularity has meant that slots are here to stay.

In 1895 a car mechanic, Charles Fey would invent the Liberty Bell in San Francisco which would end up in history as the first mechanical Slot machine in the world. Fey’s invention would go on to find great demand, inspiring variations of his original design (such as the notable 1907 Herbert Mills design which replaced Fey’s hearts, spades, cracked liberty bell and diamonds with images of various fruits) and the spread of Slot machines across the United States and ultimately, all over the world.

Casino Slot Machines

As technology improved so did Slot machines and we begin to see designs that are similar to those instantly recognizable at global Casinos. The principal aspects of the Slot machine remained the same however; a player inserts their bet, then wagers on the odds to determine how large a possible payout could be.

Slot machines spread through the Western world and Fey’s design along with it. In Great Britain and Ireland the influence of Herbert Mills’ fruit reinterpretation led to the games being dubbed fruit machines and the evolution of possible Slot machines games led to poker models being termed pokies in Australia. In Japan slots are mostly represented in pachisuro machines which are an alteration of the traditional Japanese game of pachinko (much in the same manner that Australian pokies are based on poker).

As Slot machines continued to change certain elements of their layout were altered as well, the lever which traditionally spun a bet (which also provided the ‘one-armed bandit’ slang used to describe a machine) was gradually replaced with the more common feature of simply pressing a button to whirl the reels. Slot machines began to favor betting on lines as their method of determining wagers and payouts, an innovation that was aided by digital displays representing the amount of money still left in play and possible wins that a gamble could result in. Technological developments also lead to an ease of inputting computer chips capable of random number generation which increases the pure chance inherent in playing slots.

In modern times the Slot machine has continued to prevail as a staple of Casino play and its combination of blind luck and seductive colours and sounds has meant that gamblers will always return to the game. Many Slot machines now feature popular licenses including the depictions of cultural phenomenon like blockbuster films, television series or various plays on these themes as drawing points to their consoles.

With the growth of Online Casinos Slot machines have made an easy translation to internet play given that their operation has always been one that is made possible by technology. The use of random number generation and the convenient use of flashy pages that seek to emulate the thrill of physical Slot machines have made them a natural addition to many Online Casinos.