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Review of the Casino - Play with the Trusted Online Casino leads the internet gambling industry in many areas and their Casino site is developed with the same quality as the enormously successful poker franchise. Due to the company’s ability to rake in players from heavy advertising and sound financing 888.Com Casino has become one of the most popular options for virtual casinos on the web.

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The software at is very serviceable and is offered (in its entirety) through a no-download option. Although the graphics aren’t the best in the industry everything is easy to use and neatly labeled so players are left to decide how much importance they place on having attractive visuals to take in during gaming time. The streaming play lets potential users decide on how much weight this aspect should carry and it is positive to see that 888 doesn’t hide behind a requisite download in order to leave this drawback a surprise. There is also a mobile phone option which allows a version of the casino to be played on the go which is a nice touch but may be a bit of overkill for the majority of users. casino

There is a decent enough variety of game play options represented through the Casino service and the client does shine by offering some of the largest progressive slot jackpots in the business. Aside from these there are a healthy number of table games (including baccarat, craps, roulette and variations of traditional poker) to spend some time in.

The content here isn’t as staggering as some competitors but it is still enough to keep a good user population around. Players who know which games they like the best will be content with the representation of the most popular fare but others may come out disappointed at the lack of unique mini-games or having the option to get into all sorts of new styles of gambling play.

In no small part due to their large customer base and economic success, are able to supply some fairly enticing promotions and player rewards right off the bat. The sign-up bonus gives first deposits a 100% match for amounts up to $200 which makes it one of the better incentives around. The following year of banking provides a $50 bonus for the first deposit of every month as well which is a great spin on loyalty rewards.

Aside from this there is a general lack of big promotions to take part in. A few weekly (or even monthly) offers would have gone a long way toward supplementing the loyalty and sign-up bonus and hopefully 888.Com will implement new features such as these before too long.

The support at is easy to find on the page and extremely helpful with a wide array of toll-free telephone numbers sorted by region. 888.Com offers a good amount of non-essential help topics as well which is always a good method of sorting problems out before they happen. The homepage offers a list of game, software and banking tips as well as making it easy to understand how everything works on the client. Features like these go a long way toward making new users feel at ease which is furthered by the brand and the guarantee of secure play that is inherent with its name. Casino

It’s difficult to recommend Casino without a few words of caution. While the software isn’t fantastic it doesn’t hamper game play and while there aren’t an enormous number of games to get into, the ones that are developed here are all populated well. Potential players should know that they’re registering for one of the skimpiest services within the casino industry although they could do worse considering the company-based security found within the site. Ultimately there are far better options within the world of online casinos and those not completely loyal to 888.Com should probably be advised to look around before settling down here. Casino Screenshots Casino Casino Casino Casino

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