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Review of the Bodog Casino

Bodog - Play with the Trusted Online Casino

Bodog is an enormous brand and a force to be reckoned with in almost any realm of online gambling. Their Casino is yet another example of the level of quality and innovation that the company brings to every one of their endeavors. With service that is currently expanding far past their history as a bookkeeper in the United States, Bodog is now an international name to keep an eye on.

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The Findabet Summary on Bodog Casino

The overall aesthetic of the website and casino itself is extremely impressive. All of the offered games look very nice and the graphics are better than a lot of what is being used at competing casinos. From the site to the content itself, Bodog has a smooth, classy looking design nailed down which makes visiting an attractive experience every time. Table games are some of the best looking in the industry and the majority of games opt for a realistic appearance which doesn’t end up as tacky considering the high quality of design. Bodog Casino offers their software in either streaming or downloadable formats which is always a welcome option and shows that they have nothing to hide by letting potential customers try out the client before registering. Along the same lines there is also a ‘Casino School’ so those just checking out the site or new to online gambling can also receive as many tips as they need.

Bodog Casino offers a plethora of games and they have all been developed to the same, high level of quality. The site includes roulette (both European and American styles), blackjack, baccarat, craps, keno and a variety of video and traditional poker styles. There are also a good number of slots and the site always displays a ‘Featured Game’ right on the main page so players know where the best money is to be found at any time. If a user should become bored with casino play they can also access one of the best assets of the site; Bodog shares funds and accounts with all of their sister pages (Poker, Sports and Horses) so essentially the casino has all of these services neatly available.

Rewards and bonuses are given decent enough attention here although the end result isn’t outstanding. As this is written, Bodog Casino provides a 20% match on first deposit and there are usually substantial financial rewards to keep an eye on. The progressive slots at Bodog are regularly enormous and the large user base of the site also means that the big payouts are frequent. It would be good to see the company begin to adopt a greater variety of bonuses and rewards but what does exist is enough to keep fans satisfied. The only problem is that Bodog seems to be sinking more money into developing the site than in imagining more interesting (and colourful) rewards for players.

The support staff and security standards here are excellent as is to be expected of Bodog and the company’s history as a land-based sports booking agency. It’s easy to get a hold of assistance via email or a twenty-four hour support number. Bodog lists its manifesto regarding customer service right on the help page which makes it pretty clear that they’re determined to treat their players properly in order to maintain their existing clientele.

Bodog Casino stands out as one of the best looking and overall appealing online casinos currently active in the market today. While bonuses and rewards are somewhat lacking the rest of the site is of a high enough quality that it almost doesn’t matter. The number of games to get into and linked support with Bodog Poker, Sports and Horses essentially makes an account here a full passport to any number of gambling venues. Any fan of online casinos or internet gambling in general should check Bodog Casino out today.