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Review of the Cantor Casino

Cantor - Play with the Trusted Online Casino

Cantor provides a name that gamblers can trust and a service that has quickly become an enormous force in the world of online gaming. The attention given to Cantor Casino by the backing corporation has obviously been great and it pays off for players who give the service a shot and see what it has to offer.

The Findabet Summary on Cantor Casino

The software at Cantor is among the best currently available. The homepage of the site itself is well designed and very user-friendly while the games have benefited from impressive graphics and smooth functionality. The lobby is conveniently laid out and all of the different games are easy to navigate. Table games feature a realistic look which still manages to stay colourful and fresh without sacrificing great graphics. Different slot machines also look fairly good and capture the excitement of a land-based casino quite well. Cantor provides an instant play option before downloading the full client as well which is a great way to show that there is nothing to hide or just promote the exceptional experience.

All of the most popular casino games find a home here with each one enjoying the aforementioned superb graphics and smooth play. Cantor Casino provides blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, casino poker and a great deal of slots among quite a few other options. The progressive jackpots for the latter games are fantastic and make up some of the largest prize amounts of those currently available within the industry. The only real problem with this is that Cantor doesn’t do enough to properly advertise these features. It wouldn’t be much of an effort to show off the substantial, progressive jackpots but Cantor players will have to seek them out on their own for now. If these were properly promoted it isn’t hard to imagine that they could become even larger with more money being provided from gamblers.

Cantor Casino hosts a lot of great rewards and promotional features which warrant user attention. There is the chance for a 15% cash return on gambled money along with a £50 sign-up bonus. The loyalty incentive here is competitive and rewards a hefty amount of points for logging on regularly to play. There are also options for frequent players to customize many aspects of the service so it properly tailors itself toward their preferences. Although some other sites in the industry are able to offer a larger and more unique set of promotional rewards, what is available at Cantor should be enough to keep the majority of users’ content.

Cantor’s name alone should put most users’ questions regarding safety to rest but they are also able to boast constantly updated encryption software in case of any other worries. Customer service is great whether accessed via email or telephone. Although live chat assistance is planned for implementation in the near future it is currently disabled. Aside from this Cantor Casino does provide great FAQs and gameplay guides which further bulk out their already excellent support features.

There are a lot of great online casinos worthy of high traffic and Cantor is definitely one of them. The company has spent a lot of time making their service excel in every different facet and this investment pays off for any user who checks it out. Anyone in need of a quality online casino should head to Cantor Casino today.