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Review of the BetFair Sports Betting Bookmakers

BetFair - Play with the Trusted Online Bookmakers

BetFair operates one of the largest international sports exchange services and the online iteration of their business is a fantastic option for gamblers. Their reliable and unique client stands out amongst competition and represents a great choice for internet punters. From the solid design through to excellent support and service features, BetFair functions as perhaps the premier destination currently available.

The Findabet Summary on BetFair Sports Betting Bookmakers

The homepage looks superb and navigates easily. All the most essential information is easy to find and sorted well considering the fairly large quantity of data accessible here. BetFair’s index page automatically displays the most popular betting categories and events but then lumps others so that they’re only displayed via clicking grouping tabs on the sidebar or performing a quick search. This is a very well thought out system for keeping things simple and clean and works to great effect. It should also be noted that punters choosing BetFair as their exchange service automatically receive access to the fully developed (and similarly excellent) Casino, Poker and Games sites.

BetFair offers a wide variety of betting options even though the service functions in order to serve their primarily British demographic best. BetFair’s exchange is open across all the most popular European sports however and there are a good array of events to gamble on. Football, tennis, cricket, the 2008 Olympic Games, poker and even politics are all open for betting and the exchange is well populated with other users. The nature of the website allows for great chances of substantial payouts and competitive odds with BetFair’s built-in support base creating a lot of action for users to get in on. Big events such as this summer’s World Cup get promotion as “Featured Markets” as well which ensures that large numbers of betters are directed toward popular sporting seasons.

Regional support is better than the standard support offered and is easy to customize given the drop-down language selector featured on the main page. BetFair allows the page to be viewed in different varieties of English along with many European and Asian languages. This extra effort in international support is essential to the success that BetFair has enjoyed beyond the British market and goes a long way toward keeping high traffic (and thus quality betting exchange opportunities) in place.

Considering BetFair’s established history as a reputable bookkeeper the exchange shouldn’t make any punters concerned for the safety of their money. Customer support is also great and easy to use. There are toll-free telephone numbers for some regions along with email support and detailed FAQs. The guide sections are very well detailed and go the full distance toward widespread assistance by way of general strategy tips and hints. One feature definitely worth noting here is the BetFair Academy which is essentially a seminar for advanced punters. The Academy allows these players to attend a session and become official tutors for explaining betting exchanges to other players. It’s a great, innovative feature which encourages a lot of involvement in the exchange world for players who are serious about the practice.

Betters in need of a reputable sports exchange service should check out BetFair for themselves. It’s easy to recommend the site considering how much effort has obviously gone into the fine details of every facet of the site.