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Review of the Bodog Sports Betting Bookmakers

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Bodog is a trusted and reputable name in many different aspects of online gambling and their sports betting service is among the best in the industry. The same polish and excellence in customer satisfaction brought to every aspect of the Bodog franchise is met here and certain punters will be delighted with what they find.

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The Findabet Summary on Bodog Sports Betting Bookmakers

The Bodog Sports page is one of the best looking in the industry and features the same clean, modern design that defines the aesthetic of the entire network. Everything is easy to find with sports being listed on the left side of the homepage and news being represented in the middle column. Bodog lumps different sporting categories together which can be expanded with a click so subcategories become visible but don’t always have to clutter the appearance of the site. The software also bolsters a built-in access to Bodog Poker, Casino and Horse betting so users will be able to play within any of these varieties using just their one account.

Betting options are solid but lack some of the extra content that many British punters have come to expect from their online bookkeepers. The lack of political, television show content or any other form of innovative odds-taking is sorely missing from Bodog Sports and while many betters won’t mind it’s absence here it does take away from the possible charm the site could have had. The real pull that many UK betters may warm to comes from the heavy emphasis on American teams and regional leagues which is often not as fully represented in national sites. For British punters tired of heavier attention on European sports or those looking to expand their wagering into the rich college and university level North American teams Bodog’s focus could be just what they’re looking for. Another facet that should be noted is that Bodog has divided their horse racing access to an entirely different page which is probably for the best. Bodog Horses is separate service which can be accessed with a Bodog Sports account and features some of the most in-depth horse racing coverage available.

Bodog Sports allows for a good number of different regions to receive service although linguistic support is somewhat below average. Only English can be displayed right now which isn’t terribly surprising given the largely North American focus that the service strives for.

Nonetheless, customer service is fantastic and fans of any other Bodog offerings won’t be surprised to see the same attention to detail brought to the Sports venue. The help section is well developed and live assistance is among the best available. The email and telephone options have speedy replies and friendly staff members ready to ensure that user satisfaction remains a priority at Bodog Sports. Banking is all fast and reliable, benefiting from the quality of the entire gaming network and remaining secure with top-notch encryption.

Overall the Bodog Sports site is sound for punters who are tired of only seeing the core options available at most bookkeeping sites. Although there is less by way of innovative British options this shortcoming is made up for by a heavier emphasis on North American odds. If the material available at Bodog Sports sounds appealing than interested parties are sure to be happy with the service available when using the site.