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Review of the William Hill Bookmakers

William Hill - Play with the Trusted Online Bookmakers

Of the major UK bookkeepers currently entering into the arena of internet business William Hill stands out as part of the top echelon. With a reputable history within the field of physical sports betting and impressive entries into the business of online casinos and poker rooms William Hill's outstanding representation of their services through feels only natural.

The Findabet Summary on William Hill Sports Betting Bookmakers

The layout could be a little cleaner but the design certainly isn’t bad enough to count against William Hill's efforts in the long run. The necessary information is pushed a little further down the homepage than it should be (from bonus offers taking up space) but once a user has scrolled down the events, odds and news are all easy to access or view. There are nice streaming radio, television and diary options which keep up to date on most of the sporting events and the software of William Hill's casino and poker rooms also carries over with one account for users who want something more from their bookkeepers. The mobile service here is great too and offers a handy option for punters too busy to log on to the main site when they need to place a bet.

Event offerings are comparable to many other online sports bookkeepers with the main British sports all being very well established. The big American leagues in football, basketball, baseball and racing are all represented but the main focus on UK and European events is the best represented with local and nonprofessional teams finding a place here. Punters can place bets on rugby, football, politics, snooker and Gaelic football among many other offerings. These events are all kept up to date with competitive odds and excellent coverage. Users can take advantage of a £25 welcome bonus as well which is a great incentive to get undecided gamblers onto the site.

Language support is above the industry average which is always nice to see. William Hill offers its service in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Mandarin and Russian and there is also currency matching for respective nations. There are no fees for converting funds (for the few nations not properly represented) or moving money around so the site really is a great option for many demographics. Although not as widely supportive as a few of the other large bookmakers still stands out as one of the most inclusive options for punters across the world and it is sure to expand service with time and an increased user base.

Customer service is good but also a little confusing to navigate at first. has obviously taken notice of this however and is just about to launch an improved telephone assistance service, something which should resolve the below average online help section. Banking is very easy to use and allows for convenient and fast withdrawals and deposits for serious gamblers to take advantage of. Security is fantastic and constantly updated. When this is combined with the improving support features of the site it will make the client into a premier choice by fixing one of the only minor complaints to be made.

William Hill is a good destination for British, European and even some Asian gamblers looking for another quality translation of excellent physical bookkeeping to the internet. The solid design, wide gaming support, extra features and quality banking makes WillHill.Com into a great choice for those wavering on picking a client to remain loyal toward. While customer service still has a little way to go before it is truly outstanding those gamblers who enjoy the attached casino and poker options along with a fully developed bookkeeping service will like what William Hill has to offer.

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