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Review of the Bingo Bongo Bingo Hall

Bingo Bongo - Play with the Trusted Online Bingo Hall

Bingo Bongo is a colourful and interesting site which provides for some of the best varieties of gameplay and reward incentives in the industry. Although there are some shortcomings in the offerings here players of a certain taste may very well find that Bongo succeeds in exactly those aspects which matter most to them.

The Findabet Summary on Bingo Bongo Bingo Hall

The software is pretty good although not as neatly laid out as it could have been. Cards and call numbers are all a bit cluttered by the manner they’ve been arranged but after a bit of acclimatization players shouldn’t mind the layout too much. Aside from this there are a lot of good things to say about Bingo Bongo and the wide array of games that are offered through the service. The bingo itself comes in a lot of forms and has the option for players to compete in progressive jackpots, team games or more traditional styles. Aside from a good variety of bingo play itself there are a lot of welcome distractions in the form of slots, instant games and even a few table games.

There are a lot of competitive promotions to be taken advantage of at Bingo Bongo. The sign-up bonus gives twenty free cards and 100% matching on an initial deposit between £5 and £100. After this every other deposit is also matched at 50% between £20 and £100. This is one of the strongest new register incentives available within the industry but it is also further bulked out with a solid VIP program. There are constant, substantial cash prizes to play for as well and they’re all spread out over the different bingo styles evenly to encourage diverse game time. Bingo Bongo has followed the popular trend of offering more than just cash prizes in their promotions as well. Players can vie for Caribbean cruises or flat screen televisions with the current rewards offered.

Bingo Bongo’s community is decently established and features a big emphasis on chat games. There are news reels and winner lists along with loyalty point incentives for referring friends to the service. The community here is good enough but unfortunately doesn’t go as far as many of Bongo’s competitors. While there is plenty of opportunity to make new friends and establish relationships with other players the site doesn’t make it as easy as it could be or provide many tools to facilitate the process. It’s hard not to see this as a bit of a weak point in comparison to the in-depth player and Chat Moderator profiles commonly featured elsewhere.

Customer support is top notch and extremely reliable. There is a UK-only toll-free telephone number but the better choice is found through the instant help option available to all members. Bingo Bongo provides a pretty thorough FAQ but could have done better in filling out their ‘Contact’ section with a bit more information. While the support staff is friendly and prompt in replies it would still have been nice to see a greater emphasis placed on this aspect of the service.

The best features of Bingo Bongo are undoubtedly the strong promotional and bonus programs and players who are able to overlook the lack of high quality software or a well developed community may find this to be one of their favourite offerings. Although the support section of the site could have been better, die-hard bingo fans probably won’t mind the omission of facts which would have helped new players. In short, dedicated bingo players looking for a fairly average client with extremely positive promotional incentives and a good variety of play styles will likely be impressed with what is done right at Bingo Bongo.