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Review of the Littlewoods Bingo Hall

Littlewoods Bingo - Play with the Trusted Online Bingo Hall

Littlewoods Bingo may not be a powerhouse in terms of branding and corporate influence but they make up for their newcomer status with abounding quality and strong features at the heart of their offering. With recent advertising initiatives and good funding Littlewoods has started to emerge as one of the most noteworthy additions to the industry. Although everything present is fairly standard for British internet bingo clients the company does excel in certain aspects which many users will enjoy.

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The Findabet Summary on Littlewoods Bingo Hall

Bingo games at Littlewoods run smoothly and feature an attractive, clean layout which goes a long way toward making a good impression on first time visitors. The design is very bubbly and typical of the more ‘cutesy’ looking bingo sites but thankfully chooses to omit neon pink as a thematic cornerstone. Although it doesn’t make itself distinct from the pack in terms of visuals Littlewoods still stands out as a well designed site. The games are all very easy to navigate and are offered in many different styles (both chat and traditional). Aside from this, Littlewoods provides a bevy of instant games such as scratch cards or slots along with casino and arcade games. These are all good places for members to spend time not just because of the potential for fun play but also because the company has sunk a lot of money into creating progressive jackpots and outstanding financial rewards for winning mini-games.

The prizes offered here are of the sort online bingo fans have come to expect from well-funded sites. Instead of only financial prizes Littlewoods players can hope for the chance to win televisions, X-Boxes, trips or merchandise for hitting the jackpot. Regular bingo play often carries hefty rewards and the cash payouts are just as generous as the other bonus products mentioned above. There are a lot of free games to get into and a quality VIP program in place which provides good reason for user loyalty. The sign-up bonus is good but pretty standard with 100% matching up to £125 and a following 50% on second deposits of up to £65.

Community aspects of the site have been given their due and Littlewoods ends up being a good place for social players to join up with. The page provides more than the average fare in this department and comes complete with health and beauty tips, daily horoscopes and a wealth of other articles and resources. There are quizzes, bingo vocabulary guides, Chat Moderator profiles and picture galleries of fellow members which all go toward making Littlewoods one of the best social networks within the business of internet bingo. Friend referral is also made into a reward program so players can take in a little extra gambling money by having their pals on board as well.

Questions are answered quickly and customers are well provided for to ensure that Littlewoods doesn’t alienate any of their clientele. The FAQs here are in-depth and they combine with the CMs to provide an effective frontline for the bulk of possible inquiries. If players can’t resolve all of their problems by this method Littlewoods also has an international and British-only toll-free line along with a support email service which is consistently monitored. Security is maintained well and the up to date encryption partners with Littlewood’s safety guarantees to ensure that player’s deposits or withdrawals are never in jeopardy.

British bingo players should visit Littlewoods for themselves in order to witness the excellent features provided. Although there is nothing entirely innovative or groundbreaking present at the service it does perform the task of a reliable and efficient bingo service well. The community and promotional features are definitely the most interesting aspects to be offered here and should be enough to make Littlewoods Bingo a sound option for any player.