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Bingos.Co.UK is a good choice for British gaming enthusiasts looking for a friendly community and solid (though sometimes difficult to find) promotional offerings. Everything at the site feels well thought-out and developed which makes Bingos a service that is easy to recommend. Although Bingos doesn’t reinvent the wheel it does perform well as a thoroughly average but quality bingo site.

The Findabet Summary on Bingo Hall

The layout here is one of the cleanest and well-designed of any within the world of online bingo. Bingos homepage is loud but also extremely functional with everything significant displayed in a drop-down box on the side. The play itself is also good and provides a lot of different bingo styles for users to get into. There are numerous halls which offer 90 and 75 ball rooms along with the addition of slots and other instant, casino style games. These types of distractions are well rounded and help to give Bingos members a chance to divert their attention from the main events without leaving the client. Although non-bingo extras are becoming quite commonplace, Bingos goes the extra mile by even hosting some table and card games which is a nice touch.

There is a surprising lack of any really enticing bonuses or promotional material at Bingos and what does exist is often difficult to locate which keeps the site from truly excelling. Although the first deposit is matched 100% there aren’t any very strong reasons to stick around at Bingos instead of lingering to the competition. Progressive jackpots and the requisite loyalty system make up the only up-front reward system in place and while these features are good enough there is a lack of attention paid toward colourful and competitive prizes. Instead of really marketing comp points or interesting merchandise options, Bingos instead funnels their efforts into a ladder system where future deposits receive better matching depending on a user’s experience status. This is a good idea but fails to capture player interest in the same manner that much of the competition have been capable of. Essentially, Bingos isn’t completely behind other sites regarding bonus offerings but they do make it harder to find where the rewards are hidden and the fare is generally pretty bland for a bingo service.

In keeping up with trends the community aspect of Bingos has been given due consideration. There are well populated chat games to jump into and good profiles for the friendly Moderators here. Message boards, newsletters, winner listings and chat rooms go a long way toward making socializing a positive point for Bingos. Users who enjoy meeting new people and feeling like part of an online community will be very happy with the amount of attention that has been paid toward this aspect at Bingos.

Customer service and security are great. The FAQs are very detailed and the support staff is excellent as well. The usual avenues for inquiries are provided (email, telephone and live chat) but the CMs are fantastic and are usually enough to deal with any game related questions. Chat games and a friendly community also help new users to become acclimatized quickly and Bingos’ focus on this aspect certainly pays off. Security is guaranteed and consistently updated with the most current encryption.

Bingos is ultimately a fairly average but solid enough internet bingo client and is a good choice for anyone looking for a virtual hall. The only major drawback is in locating the best options for game play which is hampered by a generally unclear promotion of rewards and bonuses. Once users become comfortable with the Bingos layout however, there is a lot of fun and opportunity to be had here. Although Bingos.Co.UK is a very average site it is certainly a sound choice for the more die-hard of British bingo fans willing to put in a bit of time toward making the most of the service.