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Review of the Bingo Boudoir Bingo Hall

Bingo Boudoir - Play with the Trusted Online Bingo Hall

Bingo Boudoir is a great site with an innovative take on the usual conventions found at online bingo halls. The client is akin to other community oriented bingo services in many respects but also stands out by virtue of their various promotions and supplementary casino-style games.

The Findabet Summary on Bingo Boudoir Bingo Hall

Bingo Boudoir is founded on Globalcom and Aqua Gaming software which are usually not the best in bingo programs but the site does a fair job of highlighting their strengths and downplaying weaknesses to produce an ultimately enjoyable experience. While the bingo software itself isn’t the greatest it is still functional and works well enough for the different variety of games available at Bingo Boudoir. Aside from the heart of the service there are also a lot of distractions in the form of casino games such as roulette, slots, blackjack and video poker. This keeps players busy and all of the additional play is handled well enough to make it a worthwhile option for fun without leaving the site.

There are excellent promotions and prizes available at Bingo Boudoir and they range from standard cash rewards to items from iPods and cell phones which spice up the incentives a little more than usual. The jackpots are regularly huge and the homepage of Bingo Boudoir promises a weekly six-figure payout that will surely be enough to keep a lot of users committed to the virtual hall. New players receive a 100% welcome bonus between £5 and £100 along with twenty free cards and the incentive that future deposits receive a 50% matching award for amounts of £20 to £100. The VIP program gives bingo points for participating in chat games, buying tickets and referring friends and the rate is fairly standard compared to competitors. What really stands out are the unique promotions which feature prizes such as cruises, televisions and other atypical rewards. Bingo players who are interested in more than just cash will probably be drawn to a system where they have more to play for than just money but the die-hards may be turned off by this type of system.

As more online bingo sites seek to appeal to players who enjoy social networking and a friendly community, Boudoir keeps pace by fleshing out these aspects so that they produce the bulk of a user’s experience. There are team bingo leagues and options to join up for weekly games with online friends. This sort of emphasis is becoming more and more commonplace within the industry and it’s clear that Bingo Boudoir wants its users to enjoy an experience that isn’t entirely focused on just playing bingo.

The service features solid support and helpful chat moderators. There is also a UK only toll-free number and email contact (which promises replies within 24 hours of sending a query) although the on-site options will usually be enough to solve player problems. Bingo Boudoir targets a British demographic but is also open to US players even though the client is only available in English language. There are a variety of banking methods and users are able to add and withdraw funds from the majority of the big electronic banks and credit card options.

Bingo Boudoir is a good option for bingo enthusiasts who are enticed by a strong community feeling and flashy prizes but the site lacks for those only looking for a solid host for playing the game itself. Essentially the client adheres to the increasingly typical trend of online bingo sites which place style over substance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if players are attracted to the substantial promotions and want to make new friends as they play but those just looking for a bingo game should probably search somewhere else than Bingo Boudoir.