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Review of the Sky Bingo Hall

Sky Bingo - Play Bingo with the Sky TV Brand

Sky Bingo is part of the larger Sky network which contains some of the best internet gambling sites available. Through smart managing, advertising and heavy financing, Sky Bingo is able to provide premier software and bonuses, aspects of their service which are responsible for their devoted fan base and renowned game play.

Sky Vegas

The Findabet Summary on Sky Bingo Hall

Sky Vegas

The software at Sky Bingo is sound with lots of colour and easy navigation so players can quickly reference their cards during calls. While internet bingo is typically a pretty flashy experience, Sky holds onto the exciting aspects without completely tossing aside functionality, meaning that users can fluidly play the game while still enjoying the crisp and interesting graphics.

While there isn’t an overwhelming variety of bingo styles present on Sky Bingo yet the main site is hard at work adding new play all the time. As this review was written, American 75 Ball was just introduced the week before which only goes to show that there is still a lot of work being put into the site. Aside from the main bingo halls there are also a lot of mini and instant win games which provide an innovative take on the usual tacked-on flash incentives.

There are good enough prizes and rewards for players needing motivation to keep coming back to Sky Bingo. One of the best features is the homepage request for users to upload pictures of friends, family, pets or themselves with a bold number displayed (for the chance to receive a free £5) and see their photo displayed as a call sign during games.

Sky Bingo offers weekly promotions as well and some of these are considerably better than industry standards. There is no sign-up bonus offered at Sky Bingo but this shortcoming is quickly offset by other programs which give more regular no money play than what is usually provided for an initial deposit. Players can take advantage of free play on Mondays and Thursdays during select hours along with weekend incentives and occasional chat quizzes which pay out financial rewards.

Community aspects at Sky Bingo are well developed with a lot of special features being embedded in the service to try to make users feel like more than just extraneous players on the site.

There is a drop-down ‘meet the chat moderators’ menu along with a lingo guide and the ability to fill out a very thorough profile. Sky Bingo offers a good assortment of chat games as well and they are populated enough to ensure that the same level of competition and fun is had in these social events compared to typical rounds. Users are encouraged to participate in the fullest through every part of the site with Sky Bingo even giving rewards for bingo players who contribute advice and feedback to the client.

The support staff are generally very good at Sky Bingo and help users to feel like they’re never left out in the cold with their questions.

On the homepage the different options for reaching customer service are all provided but with the social emphasis provided at Sky Bingo there is rarely a need to contact administrators with anything but the most difficult inquiries. The chat moderators are excellent and fellow players are generally very helpful probably because of the community feel generated by the client. Aside from this, Sky Bingo offers superb security as is to be expected due to their success as a large brand also prevalent in the businesses of online betting, casinos and poker.

Out of the masses of bingo sites populating the industry today, Sky’s entry into the competition stands out as more than the typical client. It ends up being the little touches that elevate the service here above some of the competition and make it into one of the easiest sites to currently recommend. From the community aspects to the interesting bonuses, rewards and extra games, fans of bingo should do themselves a favour and sign up at Sky Bingo today.