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Review of the Ladbrokes Bingo Hall

Ladbrokes Bingo - Play with the Trusted Online Bingo Hall

For UK betters, Ladbrokes is a familiar brand, whether because of the company’s success as an online poker site or its two thousand physical shops. It should come as no surprise given the last few years online bingo boom that Ladbrokes would strike out into this avenue of business but it’s still good to know that their turn to the game at Ladbrokes Bingo is approached with the same level of integrity and effort as other initiatives.

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The Findabet Summary on Ladbrokes Bingo Hall

The software at Ladbrokes Bingo is sound and functional even though it’s not incredibly attractive. Everything is colourful and neatly laid out but the site has a ways to go to emerge as one of the best looking bingo services. Just the same there are no real problems with finding the way around Ladbrokes and the cards and chat functions are serviceable enough that they won’t get in the way of enjoying the time playing. Games run quickly and smoothly but a little bit of zest in terms of graphics could go a long way toward improving this aspect of the site.

There are a good deal of promotions and bonuses to be had at the site including some which feature spin-offs of popular television game shows (such as ‘Deal or No Deal’ and ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’). The £20 welcome bonus is decent enough but doesn’t stand out as any better than what competitors offer. Some of the best options are found in the nightly ‘Ten Ton Bingo’ (lines and full house pay out £100) and ‘Super Saturday’ which promises a weekly £1500 jackpot. The majority of the prizes available are fairly no-nonsense cash ones and Ladbrokes has chosen to ignore the popular trend of having various items (such as cell phones, televisions and so forth) up for grabs as well. Aside from these there are a few different quiz games available which offer comparable cash rewards but nothing else of significance to note.

There are a few other distractions to be found on the site as well although these are relatively scarce compared to the bingo offerings. Community is given due attention at Ladbrokes but is surprisingly limited when put side-to-side with other services. A homepage link allows players to get to know the chat moderators and the chat games themselves offer decent enough opportunity to get to know fellow players. Unlike some of the competition, Ladbrokes Bingo doesn’t exert itself to fully flesh out these offerings and their focus is instead put upon playing the game instead of fostering a community of friendly users. This may be a detriment for those players hoping to make some new friends as they enjoy the game but users centered on only playing the game shouldn’t mind.

Ladbrokes is a well-known, public company and security is not an issue. It meets industry standards and is bulked out well with a solid support staff. The chat moderators are a good and helpful group who are available from within games and of course there are the requisite email and toll-free telephone avenues for users to access as well. The inclusion of a live help service through the main page would have been welcomed but the in-game CMs should be enough for most players to solve any issues they have.

For bingo fans looking toward a well-known and respected brand in the UK betting industry, Ladbrokes offers a good choice. There are better sites out there but users looking for a solid bingo site without distracting bells and whistles could do worse than choosing this service. If the company seeks to further develop this client with updated software features and the inclusion of greater variety in prizes and bonuses then Ladbrokes Bingo could very well become one of the best bingo sites on the web.