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Review of the Absolute Poker Room

Absolute Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

Absolute Poker is a great service which overcomes some of its flaws with enough wonderful aspects to make it a solid offering in the business. With excellent user support and the high traffic that accompanies such immense popularity Absolute is worth checking out.

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The Findabet Summary on Absolute Poker

The software is one of the aforementioned issues that the site suffers from but it’s not enough to completely break the experience. Absolute Poker’s inclusion of instant play is enough to balance out the sometimes shaky experience and very average design of the tables. Recently the company has started to fix this error however so the tables are much smoother than before but still in need of a graphical facelift. There are a number of poker styles to choose from here so fans of variety will enjoy the fare offered. Aside from this, Absolute Poker has also introduced a ‘Buddy’ system which allows for a degree of community usually ignored in the poker world.

Tournaments are great at Absolute and provide some of the biggest jackpots around. There is a $20, 000 guarantee made for weekend play along with a number of good reasons to hop into tournaments during weekdays as well. High traffic means that Absolute Poker is able to provide a robust schedule and diverse events. The tournament page provides a well-organized run down of everything offered along with detailing the payout structures and possible jackpots. Serious poker players will no doubt be very satisfied with this aspect of the site and it ultimately emerges as some of the best tournament play within the business.

Bonuses are a highlight of the service and offer a level of quality on the par with tournament prizes. Absolute Poker has a 100% match available for first deposits (up to $500) and an experience based VIP program with enticing rewards set for those who play regularly and perform well. There is a great monthly reload bonus along with plenty of opportunities to qualify for land-based poker events. Due to their esteem within the industry, Absolute is able to provide their users with chances to compete in high-profile tournaments (such as the World Series of Poker) and make a real break into the professional leagues. The Absolute Assassins feature is also another excellent and innovative program which allows users to play ‘bounty’ games where they try to ruthlessly win out over competitors for big prizes and notoriety.

The customer service and guarantees of security are above average and stressed heavily because of Absolute Poker’s desire to maintain credibility and respect. There are FAQs provided for not only technical issues but also poker strategies, banking guides and an introduction into the world of playing the game online. Twenty-four hour support is offered through email and this area of the site is incredibly detailed which helps users to find exactly which department is best suited for their inquiries.

If for nothing else than the excellent opportunities for big rewards and quality competition Absolute Poker is worth a shot for any fan of the game. Although much of the site seems geared toward experienced players there is enough guidance that even complete novices should be able to get into online play here. If those considering Absolute can get over some minor issues with the software they will find one of the best tournament and reward systems available.