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Review of the Golden Palace Poker Room

Golden Palace Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

Golden Palace Poker is one of the better known online poker destinations on the internet and their success over recent years has provided a solid user base. The site offers some of the best play within the industry and warrants the attention it has been given through a variety of other features.

The Findabet Summary on Golden Palace Poker

The software is exceptional and is above average in its representation of player characters. While the avatars may not have a complete range of emotions and customization they are still far more life-like and interesting to look at than what the majority of online poker rooms offer. Everything is laid out in a pleasing fashion and the client is extremely functional. All of the essential information on the table is neat and easy to find even though the fantastic graphics could have made the service muddled or cluttered very easily. Overall the software ends up being one of the high points of the client and one that will keep a lot of users happy. With so many solid internet poker rooms in the business right now, Golden Palace’s dedication to a good-looking site makes it stand out from the crowd.

There are a good number of tournaments regularly scheduled at Golden Palace and enough users to get into long games often. The site hosts some very enticing rewards for playing hard in these events (including big jackpots and sporadic product giveaways) and there are usually enough skilled users around to get into fierce competition. Some of the tournaments get to huge amounts as well and these big payouts are frequent enough that players will have a good push toward practicing as much as possible (at the time of writing Golden Palace is offering a weekly $3,000 tournament and a $500,000 jackpot elsewhere).

From the start-up bonus to the loyalty program offered at Golden Palace there are more than enough reasons for users to stick around. Aside from the tournament incentives listed above, a player’s initial deposit is matched at 25% and there is a good ‘poker points’ spin on comp (or loyalty) points. The rates therein are fair and competitive and offer a good enough reason to play exclusively at Golden Palace if players were considering splitting their time elsewhere. Another good feature in the extras department is the ability to share your account among the other major Golden Palace sites including their casino and mobile phone service which are solid gambling avenues in their own right.

User support is solid and easy to find or access on the site. Telephone inquiries are given toll-free numbers by region and e-mail queries are sorted into different categories so users are guaranteed the right personnel will respond to their message. The phone options are also well presented with a drop-down list allowing users to select their country and the appropriate number being displayed afterward. Security is handled well and meets industry standards. Golden Palace offers play in Euros, Pounds and American Dollars currently so there are enough options to support a good, international user base at this point even though the site is UK-centered in most other aspects.

Poker players who are in need of a good online home for their efforts should give Golden Palace a try. The tournaments are some of the better ones offered in the business and there are enough quality incentives that should keep diehard players happy with their choice. Golden Palace Poker has the look and the management to support a good fan base and should keep most online gamblers happy.