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Review of the PKR Poker Room

PKR Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

PKR makes for one of the most interesting online poker sites in the industry and it definitely warrants any player attention due to the company’s unparalleled devotion to innovation and quality. Simply put, PKR offers an experience that cannot be found anywhere else and it is for this reason alone that every user owes it to themselves to check it out.

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The Findabet Summary on PKR Poker

PKR leads the way in terms of visuals and the degree of flexibility allowed for character creation is staggering. Users can create avatars of a far higher quality than any other online poker service available, tailoring their representation by picking which clothing, facial features, voice or even tattoos they use to make their virtual self. The degree of control that users have over their avatar is also incredible – the representation can be made to clap, taunt opponents or cry after a hand goes sour.

While this all may seem somewhat superfluous it actually adds a dimension to the game that goes far beyond the bluffing techniques usually available in text-only chat interactions. Bluffing becomes a much more substantial experience at PKR and for this reason alone the client may stand out as one of the best options for poker fans. Play doesn’t slow down due to the graphics either even when rotating camera angles all around the virtual room. This proves to be integral toward the success of this system and proves that competitors can offer similar visuals without sacrificing functionality. Although users can’t run more than four tables at a time this shouldn’t pose an issue for the majority of those attracted to what PKR does offer.

There are good reasons to play at PKR due to the tournament schedule. Player traffic is high even at down hours and there are never shortages of good competition to fuel the big events. The company has obviously generated a lot of great contacts and the financial basis needed for hosting some of the premier jackpots and prize packs on the internet. Aside from enormous cash rewards PKR is currently hosting events which see travel to the 2008 World Series of Poker as the incentive to win. With a constantly increasing fan base the number of quality players is moving up as well and the meaty tournament offerings promise to continue bringing a high caliber of advanced play.

Bonuses and promotions are all among the most substantial in the industry as well with a sign-up that is both unique and generous. New players can receive a match to their deposit based on how much they are willing to invest from the start. By the user inputting different bonus codes on the site varying percentages of financial matching are available (ranging from PKRSMALL to PKRHUGE) with the largest being 100% for a $1000 deposit. This makes PKR probably the largest sign-up program currently available. Aside from this there are some great loyalty incentives emplaced that should keep users from wandering to different venues for their online poker fix. PKR points are essentially the same as comp points but allow for purchasing merchandise and premium level freerolls instead of only converting to cash at large amounts.

Security is sound and the support is some of the best out there. Aside from actual contact options there is a fantastic Poker School provided on the main page which provides assistance from basic tips to advanced strategies. For non-gaming concerns, the assistance staff is helpful and easy to contact with email, live chat or toll-free telephone all offered. There is also a great FAQ provided with keyword searching which rounds out the support as among the best in the business.

PKR is doing something that no other site has come close to at this point and with a continued focus on sticking out from the pack they will ensure a spot in the upper echelon of online poker sites. From incredible software to above average tournaments, promotions and customer support, PKR is quite possibly the best experience that can be recommended to online poker players of any experience or taste.