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Review of the BetFair Poker Room

BetFair Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

BetFair is the largest global internet betting exchange and has made the move into online poker pretty seamlessly. Although there are some drawbacks within the BetFair Poker service they can be seen as relatively minor by UK players seeking out a site that performs well in those fields which it does set out to strive in.

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The Findabet Summary on BetFair Poker

The only styles available at BetFair Poker are Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em which is disappointing in its simplicity but, adversely, a great strength in some senses due to the concentration obviously leveled at these two modes of play. Traffic is good at BetFair Poker and players can expect a decent number of competitors during almost any time of the day. Although the service doesn’t receive the same, enormous population of bigger competitors, the heavy advertising and marketing which BetFair has embarked upon has had the positive result of a substantial (and growing) fan base.

BetFair has reliable but very basic software. The tables are all fast and extremely functional but they also lack the graphical appeal of many others in the business. Everything is easy to find and use with all the essential information readily available and neatly labeled. BetFair also supports up to fifteen simultaneous games at one time and, although this number may sound overwhelming, the multi-tabbing in the software makes this option surprisingly easy to use. Another nice touch is the inclusion of a detailed player-data gathering system where the user can not only track and manage their friends but also read the card and game history of any player they’re up against. This feature adds a huge deal to the experience as bluffing ends up being a much deeper and multi-faceted practice than within other venues.

There is a great assortment of tournaments and promotions offered at BetFair Poker and this aspect of the site comprises the main highlight explaining the service’s success. Aside from satellite tournament coverage which gains access to a large number of World Series of Poker events there are also excellent on-site incentives to play in. BetFair hosts a heavy number of well-financed tournaments to join up with including weekly and monthly jackpots which climb to massive amounts. There is also an innovative “Stax# Rating” which functions in a manner similar to other site’s loyalty programs but calculates a user’s rating by determining their “Poker IQ”. Even though the Stax# system sounds very much as if it is just the re-naming of an already established practice, it actually does spice up the tired ‘comp/loyalty points’ formula by making players prove their ability across different poker styles and compete against each other for WSOP recognition.

Players can expect solid support and security at BetFair Poker with encryption that matches industry standards and a help staff which is fast and friendly. The site offers a good assortment of payment and withdrawal options and linguistic support for English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. Although BetFair could probably attempt to widen their European demographic in this sense the site still presents a better option that many of the English-only services which constitute a great deal of the UK-based poker clients.

Ultimately BetFair must be taken only within the context of what it tries to be; many poker players will find that the site gives them exactly what they need but others may come away disappointed due to the abounding simplicity of the client. It’s hard to recommend BetFair Poker entirely for this reason alone but if this type of no-nonsense, bare-bones poker site appeals to a certain demographic, they may find it to be the best of its kind.