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Review of the BetFred Poker Room

BetFred Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

BetFred is one of the most successful of any UK companies and with its expansion from bookkeeping and sports betting into online gaming they have kept the bar raised high. BetFred Poker is a well-funded and organized site with plenty of great options to keep gamers interested.

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The Findabet Summary on BetFred Poker

The software is run from the PlayTech engine and the end-result of BetFred’s visuals is excellent. Players are allowed a great deal of customization with their table-view, having the option to create avatars and manage a friend’s list without any slowdown or compromised graphics. The site itself looks good and the tables are all colourful, pleasant and neatly organized while still offering a higher-than-average level of graphical quality. In a business where many online poker sites let aesthetics fall to the side, BetFred stands out as one of the best looking clients available. BetFred Poker can be downloaded and once set up new users can play for free as long as they please before depositing money and really getting into the game.

There is a good range of staked games to play and the traffic at BetFred Poker is substantial. At every level of gaming there are worthy players to take on (even though the lower tiers have the standard number of mistake-prone betters) with the middle rankings usually representing the best option for an experienced player. BetFred offers Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud which means that Draw players are left out in the cold. Just the same, each of these play styles are given roughly equal attention and population so devotees of the less popular options are still going to find good competition and player traffic.

Due to its extensive financing there are a lot of worthy tournaments, free rolls and promotions to take part in at BetFred Poker. In terms of sports betting, Fred has always referred to himself as the ‘Bonus King’ and luckily this reputation stays true within his poker venture. A player’s first deposit is matched up to $600 which immediately provides one of the most substantial registration incentives available. The VIP Club is fairly standard in terms of loyalty programs but is also accompanied by ‘Countdown’ and ‘Jackpot’ hands which ensure that frequent players are able to reap rewards for coming to play often. BetFred has affiliation with many of the most illustrious land-based poker tournaments and players have the option to compete in or qualify for such events as the WSOP, FA Cup and Champion’s League Special.

The security of the site is excellent and it’s immediately obvious that BetFred understands the significance of safe play given their history in bookkeeping. The support staff is above average for any technical questions and there is also an ‘Ask Fred’ feature which allows players to send poker related inquiries to the webmasters and still receive quick, quality responses. The site seems more than willing to walk new users through the entire set-up process and continue to take good care of them once they’re into the play itself. There is toll-free phone service offered for the UK and US along with a quicker-than-usual email option which is constantly attended to.

Overall BetFred is one of the most impressive UK poker sites on the market and can easily be recommended to anyone looking for a good service. The client is extremely well managed and has clearly not received the short stick as the corporation branches out into different playing fields. BetFred Poker is here to stay and with constant improvements and incentives for its users it should continue to hold its position as one of the best internet poker sites around.