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Review of the Ultimate Bet Poker Room

Ultimate Bet Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

Ultimate Bet represents one of the best established and most reputable online poker destinations within the industry. Over the years the company has been able to benefit from massive traffic and user feedback to offer premier service and an incomparable experience. Their continual presence as a massive brand at land-based events and in the general poker world has meant that Ultimate Bet will always attract a large number of players to keep the service alive and exciting.

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The Findabet Summary on Ultimate Bet Poker

Graphically, the client is a quality option with very a very functional layout and smooth navigation. The main site itself is flashy without coming off as cheap or crowded and this integrity continues straight through the rest of the service. Although tables themselves are sorely lacking avatars and could benefit from an update everything runs quickly and is very easy to use (even including optional background room changes). The client offers a great variety of poker play with Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Triple Draw, Seven Card Stud and Crazy Pineapple styles all available and populated well enough to play in.

Tournaments are fantastic here and make up perhaps the most enticing reason to become an Ultimate Bet poker player. The site currently boasts a schedule tailor-made to suit all levels of user experience and aided in design by poker legend Annie Duke. A large volume of traffic ensures that tournaments are always in high demand and the service goes a long way toward making sure that their fans are kept happy. Aside from large guarantees on jackpots the games also host incentives such as travel packages to land-based games and a bevy of satellite entries to events such as the World Series of Poker.

Ultimate Bet hosts a great deal of promotional incentives to keep their fan base happy. Loyalty points can be converted into real cash and the sign-up bonus is set at 111% matching. The referral program provides $100 as well which is a nice incentive to get poker-playing friends on board too. Aside from these most of the fare is very tournament centered but definitely a great draw for users only seeking out game related rewards. Accompanied with the superb tournament schedule these bonus initiatives make Ultimate Bet a wonderful choice for serious players that would rather vie for big poker prizes than any other bells and whistles unrelated to the game itself.

Security is great and customer service is also exceptional. Considering that the site has been around since 1999, Ultimate Bet has the built in reliability that comes with longevity and endurance within an extremely competitive market. The support options provided are great and Bet’s basic FAQs are robust enough to ward off the most common questions. Failing this, live help is available in the form of quick and reliable email service. Although a help chat or better telephone options could have gone a long way the comprehensiveness of the guides available should usually be enough to keep most visitors satisfied.

Players know Ultimate Bet because of its continued reputation as a poker client with great options and a devoted fan base. The only real drawbacks worth noting are in the lackluster table graphics which probably isn’t a big enough issue to keep what the site does well from shining through. Serious players (who can trust the company in light of the high-stakes cheating scandal) will be happy with the great tournament options and poker-centered promotional opportunities. These are reason enough to recommend Ultimate Bet to fans of the game.