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Review of the Sky Poker Room

Sky Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

The Sky network of internet gambling sites and pay-per-view television always hosts impressive fare and the work gone into Sky Poker deservedly provides it a spot as a premier destination for fans of the game. Everything present on the client is of the quality and polish that Sky Poker devotees have come to expect and it is no wonder that it currently enjoys tremendous traffic and user support.

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The Findabet Summary on Sky Poker

Sky Vegas

Sky Poker has very good software which is colourful and bubbly, featuring different cartoon-like faces as player avatars. There is an option which allows players to bluff using a limited number of emotional responses which is far better than the usual text-only route that many competitors take. The displays are all neatly laid out and cleanly labeled with cards and betting options taking prominence over everything else. This creates a very functional and convenient interface which is extremely simple to navigate.

Everything is run from Java which makes Sky Poker one of the easiest poker clients to jump into. Instead of having to download any programs in order to start playing, Sky Poker instead makes the wise choice of allowing players to launch tables and lobbies from the homepage itself.

There are a lot of solid tournaments to pay attention to here and some of them are simply gigantic in terms of possible payouts and style of game play. They’re all very easy to find because the layout of the main page displays all upcoming tournament options for visitors to easily reference. Large jackpots and enormous satellite events are all commonplace and consistent in their level of quality.

Sky Poker features a lot of variety in their tournament options as well with a wide range of buy-in amounts and levels of competition. One of the best aspects of the tournaments here is inherent within the Sky brand as well considering that players have a lot of opportunities to make it to television broadcasts and get their name out there to poker fans who tune in to Sky Channel.

Bonuses and promotions are good where they do exist although Sky Poker does lack some of the excitement that comes with more colourful and interesting rewards. There is an excellent loyalty program which provides points to users who frequent real money games.

The payout rate here is competitive and can be fairly significant if users are playing higher-stakes games often enough to really take advantage of the system. Sky Poker's new player bonus gives their fresh customers 500 complimentary Poker Points which they can use to get started in daily freerolls or certain tournaments without having to deposit cash.

The only real issue with the promotional aspect of Sky Poker is that these are pretty much the only incentives for keeping players around. Luckily they’re good enough to keep the die-hards happy. Just the same a little variety in the offerings would have been appreciated.

Sky Poker maintains excellent security and user support across the board and the standards are certainly met here at Sky Poker. A poker school helps novice players to learn as much as they can before launching into full-scale games and it is among the upper echelon of similar services due to its great comprehensiveness.

An FAQ is prominently displayed on the left-hand side of the homepage and users can also take advantage of live chat, email and telephone options which are markedly above average. It should come as no surprise that a large corporation like Sky Poker puts customer service as a high priority as to not alienate troubled users.

Users familiar with the Sky brand shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that their Sky Poker venture is among the best in the industry. Putting aside the lack of innovation in promotional incentives, the service here is definitely one of the best currently open to online poker fans. For players who are enticed by quality software, excellent customer service and the idea of big, televised tournaments Sky Poker is a great choice.