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Review of the Bodog Poker Room

Bodog Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

Bodog is a name that everyone interested in the world of online poker is familiar with. The brand operates within not only poker but also the businesses of sports betting and casino play so there is a built in fan base established across the board. Players who are interested in checking out a service with a lot of power behind it will appreciate Bodog.

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The Findabet Summary on Bodog Poker

Unfortunately the heart of the client suffers slightly from hosting an incredibly average table system. While everything is fast, smooth and functional, Bodog Poker players cannot take advantage of player avatars and some of the more interesting features which come along with that focus. The use of PokerTracker (a feature which automatically records hand histories) is obviously welcome and there is a hint of some innovation to come with even the small touch of players being able to pick the tables felt colour.

It should be mentioned that everything aside from the tables also looks great and that only the play-time feels underdeveloped. The homepage and lobby are ultra-modern and sleek in appearance which allows users to feel that they’ve signed into a classy client with every visit. As far as game play itself, Bodog offers a good variety of poker styles from the ever popular Texas Hold ‘Em to Stud and Omaha. All of these are well represented through tournaments and traffic population so players looking for good competition in something other than Hold ‘Em will be pleased with Bodog’s work.

Bodog tournaments are great and are always able to tout substantial jackpots. A variety of different echelons of play are available throughout all styles of poker with users having the option to participate in beginner’s tournaments or tougher No-Limit games. Payouts can become enormous, especially in the Bodog Poker Open or similar high-stakes events (both satellite and hosted) offered here. One of the best incentives to play in Bodog’s tournaments regularly is the existence of Team Bodog and the ever present opportunity for good players to attract attention and start breaking into bigger leagues through one of the best brand teams currently in action.

In recent years Bodog Poker has managed to offer some great bonuses and rewards for their users including the fantastic 110% first deposit match currently available. The site is able to offer many great qualifying tournaments which could reward lucky players trips and/or seats to the World Series of Poker or World Series Vegas. Bonus fare at Bodog is aimed at serious poker players and the promotions are almost always geared toward securing buy-ins, trips to events or straight cash so users who wish to find a greater variety of incentives should be advised to look elsewhere. The loyalty system meets industry standards and also holds the option for comp points to meet conversion toward buy-ins or other game related rewards.

The customer service is great and has obviously been developed to properly cater toward the Bodog network’s extensive user base. A poker-school is provided along with a daily news feed on the main page which gives professional level tips for more experienced players. The slick-looking FAQ is divided over the entire Bodog service and provides great help for the majority of questions. There are also telephone and email support options should the guides prove inadequate and the Bodog staff has repeatedly proven themselves to be helpful and prompt. Security is top-notch here and is constantly updated in order to keep all aspects of Bodog safe and reputable.

For those familiar with Bodog and their formidable presence in the world of online poker it will be heartening to know that the service here is so easy to recommend. With the beta version of new table software currently being tested it shouldn’t be too long until the only real complaint here has been rectified. Once Bodog Poker is able to fix their one minor drawback their tournaments, promotions and outstanding customer service make the client into one of the best options available for players.