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Poker.Co.UK is one of the largest UK-based online poker clients and has a great deal of solid features for users to check out. In recent years the site has started to branch out and take on other markets than that of Great Britain and users can see that this move has been a smart one. Now with more traffic than ever before Poker.Co.UK is able to prove itself as one of the better destinations for fans of the popular game.

The Findabet Summary on Poker

The software at Poker.Co.UK is good although somewhat bland. While everything is functional the graphics are bare-bones and lack the polish of some of the competition. Everything runs smoothly which is perhaps the most important feature however and ease of use is the best aspect of the programming here. Even though the tables may not stun users with their appearance, players won’t have to fumble around in order to perform the actions they wish to. The regional support is very well implemented as well and different nationalities have a lot of elbow room toward playing in their native tongue and seeing all amounts in regional currency, an aspect which is great for a site hoping to expand their user base across the globe.

There are regular tournaments and longer games for users to jump into on the client. Although they are plentiful and well populated many of these lack the prizes that players have come to expect and everything is pretty average here. The redeeming part of this is that Poker.Co.UK makes a good number of different poker styles available, from Texas Hold ‘Em to Seven Card Stud. They all receive decent enough attention so devotees of less popular brands may still be able to enjoy bigger games even if they’re not sticking to the mainstream.

The sign-up bonus is set at 100% match for a first deposit up to €500 which is fair in comparison with competitive offers. In light of the site’s popularity it is still somewhat puzzling that better incentives aren’t provided for regular play however. Poker.Co.UK has a long way to go in terms of offering truly competitive rewards but what currently exists isn’t so bad as to completely dissuade a user to register.

The Poker School represents one of the site aspects that the creators regularly promote and it provides a basic level of support that is extremely welcome within the industry. Given that the client doesn’t offer anything too outstanding in other respects, the maintenance of poker articles, FAQs and tips helps give Poker.Co.UK a big push toward having an edge in some sense. The best part of this is actually the live poker tutors (who teach several times a week and allow users to play actual games with them while asking questions) and if this part of the site was touted as a larger feature it would surely add to the pull of joining up. Aside from this the customer service aspects of the site are great with the option to take advantage of twenty-four hour support through live chat, email or toll-free telephone. Security is good too and gives players no reason to be concerned about their financial safety.

Poker.Co.UK is one of the better options for British players who want to take advantage of a site that profits from its status as one of the larger brands within the field. Although nothing is really exceptional on the client it is still a safe bet for users who are content to play a solid and pretty standard client with good support. The worst parts of Poker.Co.UK are never bad enough to completely dismiss the service but some of the best features (such as international support and poker guides) could be enough to make this a fantastic choice.