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Review of the Party Poker Room

Party Poker - Play Poker with the Trusted UK Brand

Party Poker holds the title of the world’s largest online poker room currently and this status is something of a duel-edged sword when considering the pros and cons of signing up as a member. While the popularity of the site is definitely warranted due to the level of quality Party Poker brings to the world of online poker rooms it is the high traffic that can also make play less enjoyable, simply because so many users flock to the service.

The Findabet Summary on Party Poker

The one aspect of Party Poker that really shines comes from the immense player population that the service receives as a direct result of their significantly funded marketing and advertising campaigns. It is never hard to find an active game at any level of experience or price of buy-in and all styles of card play (from Texas Hold ‘Em to Omaha Hi/Lo) receive their fair share of fans.

Tournaments and bonus initiatives are among the best of the big online poker sites so players looking for a home base with plenty of quality competition and incentives to stick around should be happy with the fare offered at Party Poker. The sign-up bonus is set at 20% and all new money players are given a shot with the $5, 000 New Player Freeroll. Since so many users are consistently online during any time tournaments are always well populated and available for any kind of poker player. Party Poker also offers a Player’s Club which tracks time spent on the site and the number of tournaments entered in order to reward loyalty.

The software for Party Poker is on par with the best of the industry and the graphics and functionality are fantastic. Tables are colourful and clean with avatars, cards and chips all clearly presented and convenient to access. One of the major complaints levied against Party Poker comes from the fact that it is such a popular poker client. Due to its enormous traffic the site is consistently populated with large numbers of active players both good and bad. Although it is difficult to consider this as a quality that Party Poker has much control over, the amount of rude and ruthless low-level players makes the site one that requires gamblers to keep a handle on themselves instead of relying on moderation to solve problems. This is no fault of the client but rather that of the immense fan base and the company’s seeming inability to properly deal with the traffic.

The support offered by Party Poker is comparable to many of its competitors on the surface although player reviews have often had a polarized view to report. It is evident that the company tries hard to please their users to the point that after a deposit to the site is made a customer service representative places a call to confirm the transaction. The problems which arise are thus not so much in the area of security but more for user’s seeking general assistance. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable when they can be reached but seems ill equipped and understaffed to deal with the enormous player traffic. It can take a while to get answers to questions but when they are received the Party Poker team is among the best in customer service itself.

Players considering signing up to Party Poker have to weigh the options of what is really important to them. Everything about the site is technically sound and there is never a shortage of games to join up with but players have to be savvy and able to take care of themselves to a greater degree than is usually required for online poker sites. Just the same, registering with Party Poker is a good choice for betters seeking constant action and a sound client to play from.