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Chinese Grand Prix Betting 2009

Betting for the Chinese Formula One Grand Prix

The next leg of the 2009 Formula One season is the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix set to take place in Shanghai. After last week’s events at the Malaysian Grand Prix the action moves to the populous Chinese city, providing a fresh course to test the mettle of the F1 competitors as the season truly gets underway.

Jenson Button continued his winning streak with the previous race at Kuala Lumpur, providing another success for the Brawn-Mercedes team and now the group comes up to a new challenge with the Shanghai course.

Competitors will have to contend with fifty-six laps of the Shanghai track, tackling the sharp early race turns in Sector 1 and the abrupt speed trap positioned directly after Sector 3’s straightforward, momentum building segment.

Each circuit is 5.451 kilometres in length making for a total race length of 305.066 kilometres. If Button and crew hope to break a new record for the Grand Prix they’ll be contending against Michael Schumacher’s precedent setting 2004 lap time of 1:32.238.

The Chinese Grand Prix takes place during the weekend of April 17th to 19th. Friday the 17th will see competitors arriving in Shanghai for two sets of practice (the first taking place from 10-11am and the second from 2-3.30pm) with one more trial run on Saturday morning from 11am-noon before qualifications begin at 2.00pm. The race itself begins at 3.00pm on Sunday, April 19th.